Permitted testing aids

You need to have the following with you on the test day:

  • A computer or laptop (Tablets and mobile phones including Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc. are not supported)
  • Stable internet connection
  • A small erasable whiteboard and pen or 2 pieces of A4 sized scratch paper, a pencil, eraser & sharpener
  • Acceptable current and photo-bearing identification document
  • A clear water bottle (no labels attached)
  • Bi-lingual dictionary (for candidates whose first language is not English)
  • Mirror (hand held is fine) or other reflective device

Candidates are permitted to have two sheets of scratch paper i.e. 2 sheets of blank A4 sized paper. Before your session starts you will be required to show both sides of your paper to the proctor. At the completion of your test session, the online proctor will ask you to show your rough work to the webcam and then instruct you to dispose of the paper by ripping it up. You will be monitored throughout by the online proctor.

As there is a timer built into the test delivery platform there should be no need for additional timers. Mobile phones, digital, analogue and smart watches are
prohibited. Candidates are not permitted to wear hats unless it is for religious reasons.

There should be no other items on your desk during the test session.

Mobile phones must be switched off, and placed in a location away from your workspace. Proctors will monitor where you store them during your session.

Please note: accessing or using your mobile phone during the test session will be deemed an act of misconduct. You risk the cancellation of your results.

Note: All other items, including but not limited to calculators, stopwatches, audio or recording devices of any kind, MP3 players, digital watches, Apple/smart watches, fitbits, standard english dictionaries, pencil cases, highlighters, and rulers are not permitted.

Access to food (including sweets and nuts), earplugs, medication or other medical equipment (e.g. support cushion) during the test will only be permitted due to a medical condition and can only be allowed if you have been granted reasonable adjustments (see page 6 of the HPAT-Ireland Information Booklet).