Health professions admission test - Ireland

Assessing skills for academic success in medical and allied health courses

Assessing logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, non-verbal reasoning and the ability to understand the thoughts, behaviour and intentions of others.

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HPAT is a 2.5-hour online multiple-choice assessment independently developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Important dates

Registrations close 5:15 pm GMT, 19 January 2024
Test window: 16–25 February 2024

There are also deadlines to schedule in your remote proctored sitting with ProctorU.

HPAT - Applicant Quick reference

You will need a HPAT–Ireland score to apply for admission to any of the following courses:

For information about specific courses and admission requirements, please refer to the relevant university websites.

HPAT–Ireland is available to any person who is applying to study a course for which HPAT–Ireland is a prerequisite, and who is able to meet the academic entry requirements set by the universities. Eligible test-takers must either be in their final year of school or have completed their school leaving certificate prior to 2024.

International/non-EU students may be exempt from taking HPAT–Ireland. Please contact the universities to which you intend to apply directly, or check their websites for information.

HPAT is administered as a remote computer-based test through by ProctorU. Test takers can sit HPAT from any suitable location that meets the technical requirements of the test.

ProctorU is a leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services.

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Technical requirements for HPAT

Fee type Amount
Standard Registration fee €156.80
Written English (UL applicants only) €10
Late fee €75
Exceptional late fee €110
Refund administration fee €55
No Show fee €90

Payment and refunds

Designed to accelerate your intake of high ability university students

Simple and easy to implement and use

Accessible online to students located anywhere in the world

Designed to complement academic achievement

Valid & reliable indicators of student capability

Special understanding of any academic discipline is not required

Specifically designed for an international school context

Assess problem-solving, logic and interpersonal skills

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  • 2.5 hour computer-based test
  • 114 multiple choice questions
  • Written English can also be added

Logical Reasoning and
Problem Solving

Involves comprehending and analysing information to formulate a solution or plausible hypotheses.

Interpersonal Understanding

Assesses the ability to identify, understand, and, infer the thoughts, feelings, behaviour and/or intent of others.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Designed to assess the ability to reason in the abstract and solve problems in non-verbal contexts.

Written English

Assesses the ability to create a fluent, creative and organised piece of writing in response to a prompt.

Gain valuable insight into test takers' problem-solving, non-verbal and logical reasoning skills

ACER and ProctorU

ACER is a not-for-profit independent organisation and one of the world's leading providers of educational advice, products and services. ACER develops HPAT–Ireland and provides results to test takers and participating universities.

ProctorU is a leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services. HPAT–Ireland is administered through ProctorU.

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Perfectly designed for prospective medical and allied health students.

Understanding HPAT–Ireland Scores

The process of scoring HPAT–Ireland is complex. Each of the 3 HPAT–Ireland scores is expressed on a scale of 0 to 100. These are not percentage marks. You will receive a score for each of the 3 sections, together with an overall score and an overall percentile ranking to indicate your performance compared to other HPAT–Ireland test-takers sitting in the same year as you.

Equity and Fairness

HPAT–Ireland is developed to rigorous professional and technical standards. Test questions are designed by a team of ACER test writers who are expert in their subject areas. The content, style and duration of the test are determined to ensure the testing program is relevant, fair, valid and reliable.

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ACER is a not-for-profit educational research organisation with a mission to improve learning. ACER has an excellent international reputation and track record in the development, management and research of selection tests for undergraduate medical and health related programs.