The duration of the test is 2 1/2 hours. If you are an applicant to UL you will also have to complete an additional 1 hour Written English component. You must report to the test centre at the time stated on your Admission Ticket, but it is not necessary to arrive before that time. The test itself will start as soon as all pre-testing procedures are completed. If you report to the centre after all candidates have been admitted to the testing room you may not be admitted.

No latecomers will be admitted once the test has started. When making transport arrangements you should allow up to 4.5 hours from the arrival time stated on your Admission Ticket to the end of the test, as candidates are not allowed to leave the test centre before the test has finished.

You are advised to have a light meal before reporting to the test centre, as you may have to be there for up to 4 1/2 hours. No food is permitted in the test centre, unless prior permission has been granted by the HPAT – Ireland Office based on medical reasons, e.g. if a candidate suffers from diabetes.

Some test centres are warmer or cooler on weekends than during the week and you should consider dressing in layers so that you can be comfortable no matter what the room conditions are.