HPAT–Ireland is conducted once in February each year.

All HPAT–Ireland test sessions will be conducted via remote proctoring. Test takers will select a time and day that suits them to complete their test.

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The HPAT–Ireland test window will run from Friday 17 to Saturday 25 February 2023.

The test window includes a number of test days (21, 22 and 23 February) for those candidates who experience technical difficulties and need a rescheduled session.

Registration dates

Your online registration and payment must be completed by GMT 5:15 pm, 20 January 2023. Late registrations will be accepted up to GMT 5:15 pm, 30 January 2023. Late registrations must pay an additional fee.

An exceptional late registration is available until GMT 5:15 pm, 3 February 2023. This is only available to test takers who have submitted their application to CAO by GMT 5:00 pm, 1 February 2023 and attracts an additional fee.

Only ACER can schedule sessions on the 21, 22, 23 & 25 February. This will only be done following an investigation into any issues occurring at the initial session.

No other testing dates will be provided in 2023.

Late registration fees

Late registrations and exceptionally late registrations are subject to additional fees.

Late fees details

CAO number

Before registering for HPAT–Ireland, all MEDICINE applicants should get their CAO number first. This number is required to complete your HPAT–Ireland registration successfully.

To get a CAO number, apply online at www.cao.ie. If you submit a paper application, your CAO number will not be available in time to register for the HPAT–Ireland test.

University of Limerick applicants

Applicants to the MSc in Occupational Therapy and MSc Speech and Language Therapy do not need a CAO number. Applications should be made to the University of Limerick directly.

How to register for HPAT–Ireland

  1. Obtain a CAO number.
  2. Create an ACER account.
  3. Register to sit HPAT–Ireland via your ACER account.
  4. Book your test session with ProctorU.

Payment and refunds

The standard registration fee for HPAT–Ireland is €152.80. Late registration fees apply, see payment details.

Refund policy 

Reasonable adjustments

If you have a disability or other health-related or educational need that might interfere with your ability to sit the test in the standard manner, you should apply for reasonable adjustments as soon as possible after you complete your registration.

Reasonable adjustments include access to:

  • food
  • medication
  • medical equipment or other devices during testing time.

If you are unsure, we recommend you submit an application. All requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis and all reasonable efforts will be made to provide you with support and the appropriate testing conditions for your needs. If English is not your first language, you may use a printed bilingual dictionary during your test.

For psychometric reasons there is no possibility of reviewing or giving special consideration to test results, such as adjusting results for any perceived or actual disadvantage. This is so, whether the actual or perceived disadvantage arises from any incident on the sitting day or any wanted adjustment to sitting conditions. Consequently, it is important that any such adjustment be applied for in accordance with ACER's reasonable adjustments procedure. This will ensure such adjustments are made in advance of sitting.

Common questions

Yes, you need to submit an application each time you sit HPAT-Ireland. Arrangements will only be valid for the test cycle and year the application was submitted.