FAQ about registering

Q Where can I sit HPATIreland?
A HPAT–Ireland 2022 was held via an online proctoring service on Friday 18 and Monday 21 February 2022.

The test was conducted online via remote proctoring and test takers selected a time and day that suited them to sit the test.

Note: in highly exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for candidates experiencing serious barriers to sitting the test at home to attend a test centre. All other test conditions would apply; only the location differs. Please email hpat-ireland@acer.org to enquire about options.

Q How much does it cost?
A Registration for HPAT–Ireland is available online only. The registration fee for the HPAT–Ireland test in 2022 was €152.80 (all taxes and charges included) per candidate. An additional fee of €6.00 applies for all UL applicants who are also required to complete the Written English component. The registration fees cover online registration for the test, materials required for the paper test, provision of test results to the candidate and the transfer of results to the CAO and UL. This fee is also inclusive of the HPAT–Ireland Practice Test with worked solutions. The practice booklet normally retails at €22.00 but is provided to candidates as part of their registration at a reduced rate. All payments must be made in EURO. The preferred method of payment is by credit card. Late registrations were accepted until 2 February 2022 at 5.15pm GMT on payment of a late fee of €70 in addition to the standard registration fee. Exceptional late registrations were accepted until 4 February 2022 at 5.15pm GMT on payment of the exceptional late fee of €105 in addition to the registration fee. An exceptional late registration was only accepted from candidates who submitted their application to the CAO by 1 February 2022 at 5.15pm GMT.

Due to the requirement to lock in final testing numbers, we were not able to make exceptions and could not accept
registrations after the exceptional late registration deadline of 5.15pm GMT on 4 February 2022.

Q How will I know if my registration is successful?
A After completing your registration and payment, you will be sent two emails. The first will be a receipt of payment. It will contain a receipt number and your customer number. Please quote the customer number (which is also your candidate ID) when communicating with the HPAT–Ireland Office. The second email will be an email confirming your registration with your personal details. Please check your details carefully and advise the HPAT–Ireland Office immediately by email at hpat-ireland@acer.org if there are any errors. If you do not receive a confirmation email, this may be because you have entered your email address incorrectly, or because you have a Hotmail or Yahoo account which has blocked our emails or treated them as spam. To rectify this problem, please include hpat-ireland@acer.org in your email address book.

Q Does registering for HPATIreland mean I've applied for university?
A No, you need to submit an application to CAO or the University of Limerick in the usual manner. The closing date for CAO applications was 1 February 2022. To contact the CAO, go to http://www.cao.ie/index.php. For information about applications to the University of Limerick, please go to http://www.ul.ie.

Q How do I apply for reasonable adjustments?
A If you have a visual, hearing, physical or other impairment which means the standard manner in which the test is set up requires changes – for example, an alternative format or additional rest breaks – you should apply for reasonable adjustments online via your account as soon as possible after registration. All such requests must be submitted no later than 2 February 2022 at 5.15pm GMT and be accompanied by a letter (no more than one year old) from a registered health practitioner outlining your condition and the kind of support needed. Applicants with dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties should accompany their statement with a copy of an appropriate educational psychologist’s report no more than five years old for consideration. Note: there is no possibility of special consideration being given to test results. In no circumstances will scores be adjusted to account for any perceived disadvantage.

Q Can I sit HPATIreland on another date?
A No, there is only one sitting of HPAT–Ireland each year.

Q Will I be penalised if I sit the test more than once?
A No, you may sit HPAT–Ireland as many times as you wish, as long as you are a eligible applicant each time.