FAQ about eligibility

Q I’m in 5th Year, can I sit HPAT - Ireland?
No, you are not eligible to sit HPAT - Ireland unless you have already completed your leaving certificate or are completing it in 2021.

Please be warned that when all candidates register to sit HPAT - Ireland they will be required to check a box declaring that they are either doing 6th year in 2021 or have already completed it, or its equivalent, prior to 2021. They will also have to declare that they are a bona fide applicant. A 5th year student is NOT a bona fide applicant.

Q Should I sit HPAT - Ireland or HPAT - Ulster?
HPAT - Ulster and HPAT - Ireland are different tests.

If you are applying to one of the following universities then you need to sit HPAT - Ireland:

  * National University of Ireland, Galway - Medicine
  * Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medicine
  * Trinity College Dublin - Medicine
  * University College Cork - Medicine
  * University College Dublin - Medicine
  * University of Limerick - MSc Occupational Therapy (Professional Qualification) and MSc Speech and Language Therapy (Professional Qualification)

You should sit HPAT-Ulster if you are applying to The University of Ulster. Please go to hpat-ulster.acer.org for more information.

If ACER is made aware of a student who provides a false declaration, their results will not be released and will be cancelled.

In 2021, ACER will check for “re-sit” students. If a student is found to have, in effect, signed a false declaration in 2020, his/her HPAT-Ireland 2021 results will NOT be released. Hence the opportunity to enter medical school will be denied.